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Are Smart Mouse and Rat traps the future of rodent control? – Terminix UK

Author: Simon Purchon

Historically, the use of mechanical snap traps has meant that they must be checked every other day to ensure a rodent has not been caught and is starting to decompose which creates bad smells and a potential fly problem. The frequency of how often they need to be checked has meant it has not been financially viable to install high numbers of snap traps in a site for long periods of time.

The smart mouse/ Rat trap completely solves this problem as they only need to be checked when an alert is received indicating a mouse or rat has been caught. This means a higher more proactive level of pest control/prevention can be provided at a reasonable price.

Are qualified pest technicians here to stay?

With technology ever improving and more and more so called “Smart Traps” being readily available on the market it looks like a shift in the pest control market is underway.

So, will smart traps replace the need for poisons or even qualified technicians?

In a nutshell, “No”, qualified pest control technicians are here to stay no matter how advance the technology gets.

Having no rodents onsite, means no risk to your staff, your business, your property, or your customers, so having smart traps on your site that confirm you are pest free gives you peace of mind 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Smart traps send alerts in real time, while this is bad news that you have a rodent problem onsite, it is good news that your pest controller is alerted immediately and can re-act faster.

Will technicians of the future, simply empty traps, and re-set them when activated?

“No”, the sheer activation of a remote monitoring system means you have a problem at a point in time.  Simply resetting the trap and walking away would not stop the problem from re-occurring or explain why the problem occurred in the first place.

A qualified pest control technician uses their extensive knowledge to undertake a thorough survey of the premises and install additional control measures. Baits, traps, and track dust gels are normally required as part of a program of works to gain control of any infestation and return the site back pest-free. They will also need to follow up to inspect for any further activity that has been identified by the additional measures installed and act accordingly.

Will Smart Technology replace standard planned preventative maintenance (PPM’s) visits?

“No” standard routine visits will continue to be required along with smart traps but with a different focus. As smart traps will not now be required to be checked this will free up the technician to spend more time onsite looking at environmental factors such as housekeeping, proofing and waste management that may lead to pest infestation.

This shift in approach to “smart pest control” will require pest control companies to invest in training their professional technicians to get the most out of the new technology and deliver the right solution at the right price.

You can be guaranteed that Terminix UK already meets these requirements to ensure you have the right solution that meet all your rodent control needs.

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