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Are wasps becoming more dangerous?

Author: Simon Purchon

It is the time of year to watch out for wasp stings which can at best be very painful and at worst fatal.


Here are some surprising facts:

  • More than 200,000 people are stung by wasps each year, many requiring urgent medical attention
  • 4 out of every 10 people stung will experience some degree of wasp sting induced angina
  • Wasp sting induced heart attacks affect about 1,000 people a year
  • On average 12 people per annum die from anaphylaxis due to wasp stings
  • Symptoms of anaphylaxis can include:
    • Dizziness
    • Feeling weak (drop-in blood pressure)
    • A sense that something terrible is happening
    • Rapid pulse
    • Swelling of the airways and throat, making it difficult to breathe
    • Severe asthma
    • Itching and swelling away from the site of the sting
    • Stomach cramps and/or a feeling of sickness
  • Medical treatments for wasp stings include antihistamines, antibiotics, steroids, anti-inflammatories, and topical and systemic pain killers

Please call in pest control professionals if you are worried about a wasp’s nest as they have the appropriate skills, training and protective clothing.

All Terminix technicians carry wasp protective suits and use chemical treatments to minimise the risks.

Please call us on 0344 335 0330 if you need advice.

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