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Bed Bug Inspection Services

Author: Simon Purchon

“Good night, sleep tight, Ted’s making sure the bed bugs don’t bite”

At Terminix UK we employ great technicians, we train them to be the best they can be at detecting and resolving pest issues. We also realise that sometimes our technicians need some specialists to help identify problems. This is why we have a fleet of drones to help identify problems at height and “Ted” our prized bed bug sniffer dog.

Bed bugs can be easily identified when there are high numbers present, but they are difficult to identify when numbers are low. The presence of low numbers of bed bugs is difficult for even the most skilled pest controller to identify especially as bed bugs are nocturnal and very adept at hiding.

One or two bed bugs can easily bite hosts, cause distress and increase their numbers rapidly. Detailed inspections to find evidence of early infestations can involve stripping furniture, ripping up carpets, removing fixtures from walls and removing bed linen, which can be time consuming and costly.

Failing to identify a problem at all, can be even more costly as infestations can grow rapidly and in the hospitality sector this can lead to complaints and damage reputations. The presence of bed bugs these days can lead to poor reviews on Trip Advisor and other social media platforms. Therefore, identifying bed bug problems as soon as they are suspected is vital.

This is why Ted, who is a key member of the team, receives ongoing training to ensure he can detect both live bed bugs and bed bug eggs with his extremely sensitive nose. His sense of smell is so good, he can detect bed bugs through mattresses, walls and furniture, all ideal places bed bugs love to hide. As well as this, he is so well trained, he can differentiate between dead and live bed bugs, which means we would not propose a treatment programme at a site where only dead bed bugs are present.

Not only is Ted highly accurate but he is also fast at what he does, searching a typical hotel room in a couple of minutes and more than 50 rooms in a single day. This is a fraction of the time it takes a skilled pest controller and involves far less disruption. The result is minimal down time for a hotelier or property owner.

Early accurate detection using Ted has the following benefits:

  • Saves money due to minimal disruption
  • Maximises room occupancy
  • Avoids unnecessary treatments
  • Helps to prevent multiple room infestations
  • Protects social media reputations

Why not follow Ted and see what he has been up to this week?

“Terminix Ted” – Our Bed Bug Expert

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