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Restaurant, Bars & Pubs Pest Control Services

Pests are one visitor any food retailer does not want, as they can have major implications on a food retailer’s business.

As legislation becomes more strict, having pest control in place with a reputable company is essential. Businesses within the food retail sector are being tasked heavily in ensuring that they have fully documented measures in place that not only prevent infestations from becoming established but also ensure early detection of pests as and when they arise.

No food retail outlet is immune from pest problems, no matter what protection you have in place; when pest issues do arise actions are taken by both parties to quickly resolve the issue and restore the site to a pest-free status.

Terminix has an established reputation within the food retail sector, and many companies already rely on us to help them control pest risks in compliance with good industry practice and food and hygiene safety legislation.

Not only that but combined with our DISINFECTIX service, we can decontaminate and sanitise premises to support you in providing safe environments for your customers.

We have expert escalation managers who are trained in investigating challenging infestations and root cause analysis and our specialist proofing technicians can be deployed to carry out building works required to prevent pests from entering your premises.

We enable you to focus on your core business of maintaining the food supply chain and keeping your shoppers happy.

Every food retailer will already have their ways of working with their pest contractor. Terminix understands the need to adapt to each of our clients’ ways of working. Once established as your contractor, we will work in partnership with you to continually improve your business efficiencies.

Our web-based Pest Alert reporting system enables both your local and regional managers to view their sites, giving you an immediate overview of any issues. We are also experienced and happy to operate using web-based customer portals and finance systems that are often used to manage supplier performance and control expenditure.

Do you have pests that you need help with?