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Hotels Pest Control Services


Within the catering and hospitality sector, it is key to your business that you provide a warm welcome to your guests, and ensure that they are wowed during their time in your premises.

Sadly that warm welcome can be extended to pests should your premises provide suitable access, harbourage and a sustainable food source, making it too comfortable for them to leave.

If you are in the restaurant and hospitality sector you will know that pests are a serious threat to your business. The presence of cockroaches, rodents, ants, bed bugs or any other pests on your premises compromises your hygiene and quality, leaving you at risk of regulatory fines and damage to your reputation.

Our decontamination and sanitisation services, called DISINFECTIX, can support you in providing a safer environment for your staff and customers.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians understand food safety requirements and can advise you on actions to take to comply with legislation to keep environmental health officers happy should they pay you a visit.

Our web-based Pest Alert reporting system enables both your local and regional managers to view their sites, giving you an immediate overview of any issues. We are also experienced and happy to operate using web-based customer portals and finance systems that are often used to manage supplier performance and control expenditure.

Our proactive prevention and monitoring programs help to identify structural and hygiene threats to your business premises and determine how best to remove the risk of pest infestations, meaning you can continue to focus on impressing your customers, rather than dealing with pests and complaints.

Do you have pests that you need help with?