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What is Pest alert?

Pest Alert is a bespoke online customer portal that gives our customers access to information relating to their sites from anywhere in the world 24/7 from a laptop or mobile device. Pest Alert provides the vital information that is key to managing a single site or a portfolio of properties across the UK.

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The central dashboard gives you an overview of activity across your site(s) and is the hub for information relating to your sites.

From here you have an overview of pest activity, service levels and outstanding actions.

The dashboard shows live data, so as soon as we know a pest has been spotted on your site, you know too!

The dashboard provides both graphical and statistical information that enables users to see trends and the actions that are outstanding.

From the central hub you, your team or your auditors can access:

  • Reports: Access at any time to help you manage your contract
  • Sites: View all of your current sites
  • Actions: Manage all your open actions and confirm which actions have been closed down.
  • Files: View and download all of our health and safety, COSHH & Risk documents
  • Notifications: Automatic push through notifications alerts can be set up to provide information by email if required




Our pest control technicians are equipped with a smartphone to record their actions on each site visit, whether it’s a routine visit, emergency call out or follow up visits. The information is then uploaded in real-time into the Pest Alert system.

Pest Alert displays an unlimited number of supporting images so that customers fully understand where the issues are.

A copy of each visit report is held on the system together with any housekeeping recommendations and allows the customer to close actions that have been undertaken by the customer.

The system also contains copy of all our health and safety COSHH, and risk assessments should these need to be accessed by the site.

Notifications can easily set up by the user to receive alerts directly from Pest Alert either immediately or at a pre-set frequency (daily, weekly, monthly).


Easy to use

With its user-friendly guides and easy to navigate interface, Pest Alert provides you with immediate access to information required. This is available from any device with an internet connection.

Complete service information

Our portal also provides more detailed information via the use of visual evidence concerning issues, including their location allowing customer actions to be communicated and actioned.

Instant data

Documentation is updated in real time, irrespective of how many sites are being serviced. This means that Pest alert is fully up to date; something that simply isn’t possible with a paper-based system ensuring, that information is available to customers and auditors at all times.


It is a paperless system which helps reduce your carbon footprint by removing the need for paper-based reports and files on customer sites.

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