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New Drone Video Launched – Terminix UK

Author: Simon Purchon
Today Terminix UK released a new promotional Drone Solutions video which quickly provides an action packed stream of our capabilities, the markets we work in and the benefits of carrying out surveys rather than using costly traditional methods.
New Drone Solutions Video

Matrice 300

Matrice 300 RTK

The Matrice 300 RTK has 55-minute flight time, a wide angled x30 zoom camera, thermal imaging and this drone can also measure items using its remote laser measuring systems.

New Safety Features

The drone has a wealth of redundancy safety features which not only meet the legislation but ensures that Terminix can survey in difficult situations whilst protecting the public.

These redundancies and safety mechanisms include flight control system sensors, control signal links, intelligent batteries, transmission links, obstacle sensor system redundancies, and three-propeller emergency landing.

Laser Measurement

The laser measuring capabilities will enable Terminix to size any damage or asset remotely and provide customers with an accurate picture of a surveyed area. The system automatically records the image, location and exact framing enabling the drone to return and re-survey at a later date and identify any changes immediately.


Terminix has a fleet of drones flown by CAA licensed pilots who are also fully trained pest technicians strategically operating across the UK.

Drones reduce the health and safety risk of working at height, provide high resolution photographic evidence and enable speedy identification of pests and other building issues.

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