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“Partnership with BASF Provides Innovative Solution for Challenging Infestations”.

Author: Simon Purchon

Helping Businesses to Reopen

The pest control industry has faced many challenges over the past 12 months. Our teams of so sound protecting key services such as food retail, food manufacturing and the NHS to continue to operate in pest free environments throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Government has recently released the road map to open the country and business over the coming months, which will create new challenges to the pest control industry assisting customers to reopen offices and buildings that have been closed for months.

While no-one knows for sure what impact the pandemic has had on rodent populations. It is widely believed that buildings and land that have been left empty and not in normal use, especially if local food sources were available, are ideal environments for rodents to thrive and infestations are highly likely.

As a company Terminix UK have been advising our clients on this risk and we have devised flexible treatment plans to accommodate our customers’ needs to ensure continued monitoring has taken place throughout this period to minimise this very real risk to their businesses.

Effective and Green Innovation

Terminix have been working hard to try and find new and innovate environmentally friendly ways to treat infestations that are fast and reduce or remove the risk of secondary poisoning to non-target species.

One such product that has really impressed us is Selontra® which BASF launched earlier this year. Selontra® is a high performance non-anticoagulant rodenticide bait which can help maintain faster control of rodent infestations, even in the most challenging situations.

Selontra® is a cholecalciferol-based product, and its mode of action differs greatly to that of typical rodenticides. The largest benefit being that Selontra, is highly palatable to rodents and most infestations can be controlled within 7 days. Cholecalciferol is neither persistent in the environment, nor bio-accumulative, and is readily metabolised by rodents.

Anthony O’Hare, UK Country Sales Manager said: “Selontra® has taken 10 years to develop, and we are delighted to be working with Terminix UK to not only train their staff on the effective and safe use of Selontra® but to provide an effective solution which is fast acting while balancing performance and environmental impact”.

Product Testing

With support of a number of our customers and no risk to the environment, Terminix embarked on a number of field-based trails to test Selontra® in several different environments.

At one of the trial sites, there was rodent activity stemming from a subfloor void beneath site and had become a breeding site and feeding area which gave us a unique opportunity to test Selontra®.

Working closely with BASF and the client, we ensured that the environment was suitable for the Selontra® and removed all competing foods. A new “speed baiting” technique was used to reduce the baiting period, treatment frequency, damage and overall control time. Selontra® was introduced into the breeding and feeding areas using wires to reach the underfloor voids without actual physical entry.

We are pleased to report that by day three all the bait was completely taken from the void areas, and the site was eerily quiet in comparison to when we started the treatment and clearly showed that Selontra® had had an immediate impact on the pest infestation.

After a further 5 days the bait take had stopped, along with customer sighting reports, giving us control of site for the first time in months. Full proofing works were then undertaken to deny the rodents access to the site and to provide long term protection.

The trial confirmed that Selontra® when used against both Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) or House mice (Mus musculus) under the correct conditions, with strict controls had the desired effect and we gained control in around 7 days.

The Way Forward

Based on our trial findings, Terminix has now added Selontra® to our approved product list and all our field-based technicians are undergoing BASF product training certification to enable them to use the Selontra® product safely and effectively. This clearly demonstrates Terminix UK commitment to invest in new solutions that not only solve a problem but is aligned to our commitment to the environment and the CRRU code of practice.

James Gilding, Managing Director at Terminix UK said: “We are proud to be working with BASF to provide a safer and greener solution for solving challenging pest infestations”.

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