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Pest Control in the UK Just Got Stronger With Terminix

Author: Simon Purchon

Pest Control in the UK Just Got Stronger With Terminix

Terminix, a leading provider of termite and pest control services, today announced its seasoned UK-based experts are now hitting the High Street with a whole new look—and a new focus on exceptional customer experiences.
Terminix UK Limited (formally part of Mitie Pest Control) has over 40 years of experience and is part of a growing global organisation, focused on elevating the customer experience and offering complete Integrated Pest Management Services, to home and business owners.
Only a few months in, and the Terminix brand and culture have already taken shape. After an initial kick-off with employees in October, trucks, uniforms, signage, etc., have been a celebrated sight on the High Street and tangible realisation of the need for more competition.
“It was clear from the very beginning that Terminix would be a great fit for our employees and community. The commitments of We Serve, We Care, and We Deliver really resonate with our employees and keep our focus on the customer. Once we saw that passion for the consumer, everything else fell into place,” said David Wareing, Managing Director of Terminix UK Ltd. “Quality pest control options in the UK are limited to a few major players. It’s exciting to shake up the industry in a way that benefits the customer in the end.”
Operating with UK headquarters in Cheltenham; more than 300 Terminix professionals around the country, provide service for a variety of market sectors, including public and local authorities, food manufacturing, property management, retail, healthcare, transport and logistics, education, and the hospitality industry.
While Europe represents the second largest pest control market in the world, more than 60 percent of Terminix’s global pest control accounts have business in the E.U. and the UK.
This entry into the market is important because the team that joined Terminix has historically been masters of the UK pest control landscape, evidenced by the fact that over the last year, the local management team has increased core business and retained customers better than any other major national UK supplier.
The team’s innovation work has led to the development and utilisation of canine detection specialists, digital reporting, treatments that require little or no pesticide, thermal image inspections, and the use of drones.
The company offers a comprehensive range of pest control services, including rodent control, bird control, insect and fly control, and wildlife management. Services cover everything from technical inspections and routine preventative visits, to pest-proofing, clearance works, and the removal of pest contaminated waste.
Terminix UK complies fully with—and in many cases is ahead of—current legislation such as the EU biocides directives and is fully compliant with the guidelines set out by the CRRU, highlighting a commitment to providing sustainable service with minimal impact on the environment.

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