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What damage can mice cause?

Mice can cause damage to structures and vital equipment by gnawing and nest building.

Mice will chew on just about anything they see as useful for nest building, including electrical cables which cause a real threat of fire. When travelling around your home or business premisis they will leave behind urine trails and fecal droppings. This will contaminate the surfaces and foods on which they land and cause the potential spread of disease, and also leave a scent trail attracting other/more mice.

How can I tell if I have mice?

The following are signs that mice may be present:

  • Sightings – dead or alive
  • Droppings – mice produce up to 80 droppings a day which resemble black grains of rice
  • Urine trails – stains along their travel routes
  • Damage – mice will gnaw a wide range of materials, not just foods
  • Smears – black greasy marks may be left by mice repeatedly running over prominent objects
  • Footprints – in dust or flour
  • Smell – there is usually a distinctive odour in areas where mice live in large numbers
  • Nests – collections of gnawed materials built into a ball
  • Noises – in voids such as wall cavities, in lofts or beneath the floor

What do I need to know about mice?

Few people really like rats or mice, and no one wants them in their home or within their business property. House mice are small, with their body rarely exceeding 9cm with a dark grey-brown back and light grey belly.

Mice can be found in almost every part of the country from urban to rural areas. Typically they are more likely to be present within buildings more often than rats because they are smaller and are able to find more available ways into a building, as they can fit through cracks or holes just  6mm high (about the size of a pencil).

Mice will make their nests in many areas in and around a building where it is safe for them to do so, usually in cavities, floor voids, or loft spaces.

The best way to avoid an infestation of mice is to provide access to as little harbourage and food source as possible that might attract rodents in the first instance, combined with sealing as many gaps in the external shell of your property that mice might otherwise gain entrance.

Evidence of mice within your property includes sightings, droppings and damaged goods that have been gnawed at. Should you find such evidence then we recommend contacting Vergo as soon as possible, because if  left untreated the problem can quickly escalate (in ideal conditions and with unlimited food supply a breeding pair of mice can lead to up to 2,000 offspring in just 12 months.

All of our technicians are highly trained by our technical team and are certified in the safe use of rodenticides, so they can resolve your problem quickly.

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