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Silver Fish Pest Control & Extermination Services

Silverfish need damp conditions to thrive, so the principle control tactic for a silverfish infestation is to dry out all infested areas so that they are unable to reproduce and develop successfully. Unfortunately, this doesn’t provide an immediate fix as the drying process can take months or even longer.

In the meantime, silverfish populations can be suppressed in critical areas by –

  • Removing and discarding old stacks of newspapers, magazines, papers, boxes of clothes for donations, etc.
  • Infested books and other items can be placed in a freezer at below 0°C for 4-7 days. The books should be wrapped tightly in plastic and the plastic should be left on during the thawing process to prevent condensation damage.
  • Application of an insecticide spray around the perimeter of a room as a barrier to intercept silverfish moving from the wall voids and going under the baseboard into the room.
  • Application of insecticidal dust into infested voids in ceilings and walls.

Do you have issues with silver fish?

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