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Fly Pest Control & Extermination Services


Fly control can be achieved in a number of ways. Besides chemical treatments, Terminix can help prevent flying insect access to properties by screening windows and doors, we can install external fly traps, and we can install professional UV internal fly control units.

Where situations arise we can carry out a fogging, ULV or spray treatments to knock down high numbers of flies.


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Terminix utilises a wide range of fly control units, both conventional and energy-efficient LED, which enables us to select the unit that will provide you with the optimum coverage, performance and appearance for your needs.

Pest Control Solutions & Exterminator Services | Terminix
Pest Control Solutions & Exterminator Services | Terminix

Flies present a serious disease risk. Within the food and hospitality industry fly control units are required to comply with food safety legislation.

Our qualified experts will undertake a full site assessment of your property, so we can provide you with a detailed report highlighting what units you require and in which location to ensure you have the optimum protection against flies and flying insects.

Pest Control Solutions & Exterminator Services | Terminix


Pest Control Solutions & Exterminator Services | Terminix

Where you have large infestations of flies, immediate knock down is required to reduce the risk of contamination to products or food items.

Terminix has specialist ULV and fogging equipment that is used to treat a complete room efficiently and effectively.

We have a national capability to carry out this service with our highly skilled technicians using the correct PPE and specialist equipment.

During hot days in the summer, we all like to open a window or leave a door ajar to allow a cool breeze to flow through the building.

Yet what we don’t want is for flying insects to be able to take advantage and become a risk within the building.

This is why Terminix offers the facility for insect screen windows or doors to be installed, enabling you to open windows and doors, whilst denying access to pests.

Pest Control Solutions & Exterminator Services | Terminix

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