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Cockroach Fact Sheet

Pest biology

The two main species of cockroach in Britain are the Oriental and German cockroach.

German Cockroach – 12-15mm long and ginger colour with two dark longitudinal stripes on pronotum.

They prefer warm environments, particularly heating systems in large buildings. They can move very fast and they climb smooth walls and ceilings with ease. Each egg capsule will contain around 32 nymphal cockroaches so spread very quickly.

Oriental Cockroach – 17 -30mm long and is dark brown to black in colour.

They are not able to climb smooth vertical climb surfaces but they can still move rapidly. They can burrow their egg capsules which can hatch up to 9 months later, depending on temperature. Their rate of reproduction is not as fast as the German cockroach.

Both species are active at night, and in the daytime they are cryptic, hiding away in tiny cracks and crevices.

Problems they cause

Cockroaches are capable of carrying the organisms which cause food poisoning and many other bacteria. They will feed on almost anything, including refuse, faecal matter and food for human consumption. They often live in unsanitary places where they can pick up pathogenic bacteria and they also carry an unpleasant smell caused by their pheromones.

Our pest control methods:

  • To establish insect monitor traps to all catering areas and all other internal areas as required.
  • Insecticides will be applied to the infested areas to control the cockroach population.
  • Follow up visits will be carried out to monitor the success of the insecticide and place additional if needed.

What you can do to help

  • Good hygiene and a thorough cleansing of your premises are essential in preventing infestations
  • Pay particular attention to removing food and water sources
  • Seal hiding places is also an essential part of cockroach control

Oriental Cockroach

German Cockroach

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