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Pests Persist during Pandemic

Author: Simon Purchon

There is an increasing number of rodent sightings in our cities as uncontrolled rodents seek additional food sources during the temporary closure of restaurants and pubs. Rodents prefer secluded places to live that are protected from the environment, and unattended properties provide perfect harbourage for them. Ideally, property owners of empty premises will have maintained pest control inspections throughout the lock-down, but many haven’t. Therefore, it is suspected that an increase will be seen in riddance programmes when the lock-down is lifted.

Terminix UK also predicts an escalation in cockroach and beetle riddance programmes when businesses re-open after lock-down. Whilst sites have been closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, these pests will have had free reign to run riot and breed uncontrolled. With this in mind, Terminix is preparing for heightened demand in public health and stored product insect pest control as we head towards the summer months.

Due to the need for social distancing, many householders have put off getting pest infestations attended to and the situation is getting worse by the day. To help solve this issue, Terminix has implemented the new innovative HomeBox scheme. This scheme provides a range of solutions for different pests. Packs of specialist control products are delivered to your door and backed up by telephone technical support from experienced professionals. This allows users to conform with government guidelines on social distancing but at the same time, solve pest issues with guidance from an industry expert.

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