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Importance of Rodent Proofing – Terminix UK

Author: Simon Purchon

2020 has been a year like no other with COVID-19 changing the way people and businesses operate. Homeworking is the new normal, and large city centre offices and properties are largely underused. That’s why taking a moment to review the importance of rodent proofing for rats and mice may help you and your business during these difficult times.

Many buildings have been closed through lockdown with very little pest control being carried out, making 2020 quite possibly the best year for rodents to thrive. No-one told mice or rats to socially distance, or not to gather in groups larger than 6! There has been a 20% rise in reported rodent activity.

As the year draws to a close and the nights draw in, the outside temperature is dropping. mice and rats living externally are looking to find warm centrally heated buildings.

“Remember Prevention is Better than Cure”

Never has this phrase been truer in 2020 than ever before. Governments throughout the world are looking to reduce the risk of the disease spreading through their populations.

The same goes for rodent control: pest controllers are key proponents of pro-active pest management and have for years been helping our customers understand the importance of proofing buildings to prevent pest infestations.  We carry out proofing surveys to identify potential points of access and make recommendations to ensure any potential ingress points are adequately rodent “proofed” with suitable rodent proofing materials.

Denying rodents access to premises pro-actively is far better, and less costly, than having to react when evidence such as droppings, damaged stock items or even live rodents are being noted on site.

It is important to ensure that:

  • Holes under doors and around windows are filled
  • All external doors are closed
  • All drainage and soil pipes are sealed or capped
  • Any gaps in walls around water pipes, electric cables and gas lines are sealed

The presence of rodents within properties can present very real risks to business, not least from the potential of damaged stock being shipped to clients or sightings being made by customers (putting your business reputation at risk), but it also carries the risk of fines being levied, along with the real risk to public health that rodents present.

Proofing not only keeps rodents out but helps protect your business and reduces heating expenditure and environmental impact.

“No rodents onsite = No risk to your staff, your business, your property, or your customers”


Terminix can meet all of your rodent control needs, we have teams of experts who can identify potential rodent ingress points and provide solutions to minimise the risk to your business of rodents gaining access.

Should rodents be already present then our experts can identify root cause of rodent infestations and provide solutions to resolve them quickly to reduce the risk to your business.

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