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Significant Spike in Rat & Mice Activity During COVID-19 – Terminix UK

Author: Simon Purchon

Undoubtedly coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a catalyst for change and large town/city centre businesses have had to rethink the way they operate, and trade.

With over 50% of staff now working from home, the reduction in natural footfall around city centre locations has inevitably contributed to a fall in trade for retail, hospitality, leisure property sectors.

The UK retail sector has suffered considerably as consumers tighten their wallets, some stores remain closed and we’re now seeing a reduction in customer estates, closing sites permanently. The property estate sector is expected to contract by at least 35% as businesses resize their operations.

The pest control industry must adapt to provide safe and cost-effective Pest Control Services that are appropriate for the new world we all now live and work in.

Terminix recognises that there is a need to provide bespoke “COVID-19 Pest Control” for large town and city centre businesses which have been dramatically affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

A British Pest Control Association (BPCA) survey revealed a significant spike in rat and mice activity in the COVID-19 pandemic, noting “Pro-active pest management is the only way we can manage the risks to public health and safety.”

Autumn is now upon us, as the external temperatures drop, internal temperatures rise through the use of central heating and the available food sources externally reduce. This is when rodents start looking for warmer harbourages’ inside properties and easier attainable food sources.

This increases the likelihood of residential and commercial public health risks through greater chances of coming into contact with Weil’s disease and other bacterial pathogens humans are susceptible to, from rodent pests.

Ensuring properties are adequately rodent “proofed” with rodent proofing materials to prevent access is the best way of preventing pest problems before they arise.

“COVID-19 Pest Control” must be cost-effective, socially responsible, with service procedures that reflect the risk profile without compromising safety.

Pest Control is classified as a key service and Terminix has, over the last few months, invested in new equipment, PPE and procedural safety training to meet the demands of delivering safe pest services during the pandemic.

“COVID-19 Pest Control Services” delivers the following benefits:

  • Cost-effective pest control
  • Safe service delivery for all (customers, employees, and suppliers) following strict guidelines
  • Use of remote pest monitoring technology
  • Proven disinfection and heat treatment services
  • Resilient local service delivery with national coverage
  • Appointment led service arrangements
  • Flexible service agreements

If your business is planning to re-open or requires new “COVID-19 Pest Control Services” then we will be pleased to arrange a free pest risk assessment with one of our technical experts to determine the correct COVID-19 pest specification for your premise.

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