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Disinfection, Sanitization & Fogging Services


Rodents and birds carry potentially fatal diseases that can be transmitted to humans. These are typically found within faeces and urine that are deposited when these pests infest your building.

When the pests and droppings have been removed, then it’s important to disinfect the area to remove any potentially harmful pathogens that are likely to be present to make it safe for you, your staff and your customers.

We have fully trained technicians who are able to disinfect localised areas, fleet vehicles or entire premises.

Our Disinfectix treatment can involve fogging, wipe downs or spraying using a specialist product, and is carried out by teams who are fully equipped with full PPE and the equipment required.

Disinfectants are only effective where the area has been cleaned of all droppings, which is a further service we can provide.

Terminix have fully trained and equipped technicians to decontaminate your premises using ULV (ultra-low volume) and fogging.

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•    National capability
•    Experienced technicians
•    Compliant PPE
•    Specialist fogging equipment
•    Responsive service to Essential Services sectors


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