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Drone Pest Control Survey Solutions


Terminix Drone Solution operates throughout the UK and works for a wide range of industry sectors. Terminix has a fleet of drones flown by CAA licensed pilots who are also fully trained pest technicians.

Drones reduce the health and safety risk of working at height, provide high resolution photographic evidence and enable speedy identification of pests and other building issues.



Our new technology enables us to provide our clients with a comprehensive and flexible service with the ability to recommend solutions in real-time and provide comprehensive online reports.

The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are operated by our team of licensed Civil Aviation Authority members, who are also qualified pest control technicians.

What We Survey

  • Roof & Net Inspections
  • High or Inaccessible Buildings
  • Blocked Gutter Identification
  • Wildlife Monitoring
  • Heat Loss Identification
  • Solar Panel Inspections

Drone Survey Benefits

  • Reduced Health & Safety Risks
  • Lower Inspection Costs
  • Speed & Clarity of Inspection Reports
  • Low Monitoring Costs
  • Thermal Cost Reduction
  • Assurance of CAA Accredited Pilots

Services We Provide

We are the market leader in using drone technology for inspecting roofs for birds nests, and over the years we have extended our drone services including:

  • Maintenance – general building damage inspections – damage, missing tiles & water ingress points
  • Thermal population surveys – using heat seeking cameras to spot pests in undergrowth and birds nesting on roof tops
  • Thermal mapping – analysing ‘hot spots’ on the building to identify potential savings via improved insulation
  • Security – remote surveillance to view vast areas in a fraction of the time
  • Surveillance – for cleaning at height requirements
  • Aerial mapping – for landscaping services

If you need a periodic inspection or a full survey, then our CAA regulation compliant drone fleet can be quickly deployed across your estate.

Do you want to make use of our advanced drone services?


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