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Commercial fumigation services

We offer effective commercial fumigation services designed to keep your business safe. If you’re looking for fumigation services to protect your commodities, we can help!

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Pest Control Solutions & Exterminator Services | Terminix

We are delighted to announce that as of 1 August 2021, Terminix UK has successfully acquired Conquer Environmental Services.

We look forward to working with the Conquer team to serve our customers, care for their premises and the environment, and deliver on our commitments and promises to customers, business partners and employees.

Fumigation Services and Solutions

At Terminix we provide a full range of fumigation services delivering the most appropriate, safe and practical solutions tailored to your requirements. With over thirty years of experience within this specialist field of Pest Control you can be assured of our ability to provide expert advice for all situations.

Our extensive range of fumigation services include:
•   Bulk Commodities and Grain
•   Container Fumigation
•   Silo Fumigation
•   Food Production

Pest Control Solutions & Exterminator Services | Terminix

Before agreeing to undertake any work we will firstly carry out a on site assessment of your needs to review the location for safety, the type of pest/pests requiring treatment, the most appropriate method and suitable times for the work to be completed.  Full risk assessments and method statements will be provided and the work will be completed by members of our fully qualified dedicated fumigation team. Following completion of the work a release note and certificate of fumigation will be issued both for your own records and for the end user should they require confirmation of the work.

Fumigation is an effective solution for controlling all stages of stored product insects and to prevent them from destroying valuable products but often should be used in conjunction with other pest control techniques and services. Other advice and services may be offered to ensure ongoing success, particularly in relation to fumigation of products that remain stored for periods of time following fumigation treatment. These may include such services as Grain store and Silo Pre Harvest cleaning, Pre Harvest Grain store spraying and ongoing insect monitoring. All these services are provided by our own staff allowing you to make just one phone call to solve all your needs.

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